Working Papers

Location Matters: Is the Immigration Debate over Stocks or Flows? with Yotam Margalit. Presented at the European Political Science Association Conference in Belfast, June 2019.

​The Effect of Brexit on the Collapse of UKIP. Presented at the American Political Science Association Conference, September 2020.

Immigrant Dispersal Policies and Public Backlash: Experimental Evidence.

Work in Progress

When Policy Matters? Immigration Policies and Perceived Control over Immigration. 

Do Foreign Direct Investors Prefer Democracies? Experimental Evidence, with Yotam Margalit.

Public Reactions to Iconic Victims in Refugee Crises: Evidence from a Natural Experiment.

Voters after Economic Shocks. 

The Political Impact of Financial Crises, with Yotam Margalit.

Correcting Common Misperceptions in Mass Attitudes toward Immigration.