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The Cultural Origins of Populism. Co-authored with Yotam Margalit and Shir Raviv. Journal of Politics, conditionally accepted. 

Political Costs of Trade War Tariffs. Co-authored with Edward D. Mansfield. Journal of Politics, forthcoming. 

[Replication Data]

Changes in Perceptions of Border Security Influence Desired Levels of Immigration. Co-authored with Ryan C. Briggs. Journal of Conflict Resolution, OnlineFirst. 

[Replication Data]

Personal Economic Shocks and Public Opposition to Unauthorized Immigration. Co-authored with Dan Hopkins and Yotam Margalit. British Journal of Political Science, FirstView.

[Replication Data]

Overburdened? How Refugee Dispersal Policies Can Mitigate NIMBYism and Public Backlash. Journal of European Public Policy, forthcoming.

Against the Flow: Differentiating Between Public Opposition to the Immigration Stock and Flow. Co-authored with Yotam Margalit. British Journal of Political Science, 2022, 52(3), pp.1055-1075.

[Replication Data]


Regaining Control? The Political Impact of Policy Responses to Refugee Crises. International Organization, 2021, 75(3): 735-768.  

[Replication Data]

Do Sociotropic Concerns Mask Prejudice? Experimental Evidence on the Sources of Public Opposition to Immigration. Political Studies, 2021, 69(4): 1009-1032

Explaining the Birthright Citizenship Lottery: Longitudinal and Cross-National Evidence for Key Determinants. Co-authored with Udi Sommer. Regulation & Governance, 2020, 14(1): 63-81.

Working Papers

Electoral Responses to Economic Crises. 

with Yotam Margalit

The Causal Effect of Education on Support for International Trade.

Pandemic Protectionism: COVID-19 and the Rise of Public Opposition to Trade.

with Edward D. Mansfield

​The Effect of Brexit on the Collapse of UKIP. Presented at the Annual Meeting of the American Political Science Association, September 2020.

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